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Apologies to Søren Kierkegaard

I’ve seen a Kierkegaard quote floating on social media lately and I decided to do some tweaking to make it more contemporary.

Once upon a time, the circus was in town. It was the clown’s turn to go out, and right as he was doing so, he noticed a fire backstage. He went to the crowd and said, “There’s a fire backstage, please exit calmly.” The crowd laughed. He repeated himself. The crowd laughed even harder. At this point, the clown begins to panic. “Everyone, get out right now, there’s a fire backstage!” The crowd laughed even harder, gasping for breath. Finally, the clown ran to safety, and the people began rolling in the aisles about that. A minute later, a team of firefighters broke in, and the fire marshal shouted, “Everyone leave! There’s a fire backstage! Why are you even still here?” And as they fled, they said, “No one told us there was a fire!”